Cedar Rapids, Iowa

56 Beers On Tap!

Beer   Description       ABV   Style
Ace Joker   Ace Joker Cider is a new premium Champagne like cider produced by The California Cider Company, gluten free.  Brewed in Sebestopol, CA       8%   Cider
Avery Lilikoi   Adding a tropical island flair to a spicy traditional witbier, Liliko'i erupts with monumental passionfruit aroma and acidity along with a sublimely succulent finish.       5.4%   Belgian Style White Ale
Avery Perzik   A classic saison - dry, crisp, fruity, spicy and refreshing - with a dose of summer - peaches!        6.4%   Saison
Avery White Rascal   An authentic Belgian style white ale, this Rascal is unfiltered and cleverly spiced with coriander and Curaçao orange peel producing a refreshingly zesty classic ale.       5.6%   Belgian Style White Ale
Ballast Point Orange Vanilla Fathom   Our Orange Vanilla Fathom India-Style Pale Lager continues our quest for exploration. The piney and citrus hop aromas of our India-Style Pale Lager combine with sweet orange and creamy vanilla - while staying true to classic lagering techniques. Brewed with a touch of nostalgia, it may remind you of a childhood treat, but this one is just for adults.       7%   India Pale Lager
Ballast Point Watermelon Dorado   This Double IPA is not one to back down from big flavors. Mash, kettle, and dry hopping blend to create a huge hop profile that is balanced with a blast of watermelon.       10%   Imperial IPA
Bell's Amber   Made from mostly pale malt and some Munich and caramel malts. These add a little sweetness, which is balanced by more hops. The result is a rich color and fruity flavor.  Brewed in Kalamazoo, MI.       5.8%   Amber Ale
Bell's Oberon   An American wheat ale made with European ingredients. Belgium wheat malt and Czech Saaz hops provide a spicy, fruity balance to this seasonal ale.       4.8%   Wheat Ale
Bell's Two Hearted Ale   India Pale Ale style well suited for Hemingway-esque trips to the Upper Peninsula. American malts and enormous hop additions give this beer a crisp finish and incredible floral hop aroma.       7%   IPA
Ciderboys Manzana   Traditional apple cider aged in Tequila barrels.       5%   Cider
Ciderboys Peach County   The ice chill of the bottle smiles at the heat of the day. Thirst quenching apple and ripe fuzzy peach collide in a fantasy blend. Crank up the piano keys. Dance if you want to. When summer breezes soar under the light of a crescent moon, this is your party.       5%   Cider
Confluence South Side Citra Blonde   Special release summer Blonde ale.  Brewed in Des Moines, IA       5.2%   Blonde Ale
Confluence Special Saison #1    Cedar Ridge Rum Barrel Aged Confluence Saison       9.8%   Saison
Crimson Sunset Blackberry   Our ciders are handcrafted from fresh pressed apples, no cane sugar or water is ever added to our ciders.  They are sweetened back with pure apple juice.  They are made with all natural ingredients.  Flavored with real blackberries, honey, still 90% fresh pressed apples. Naturally gluten free!       6.8%   Cider
Cuvee des Jacobins Rouge   The beer Cuvée des Jacobins is unblended old lambic, aged for at least 18 months in (French) oak barrels from the cognac region.  It has a robust character but is beautiful and sophisticated with a full body and overtones of vanilla, dried cherry, stone fruit and cocoa. It is a complex, beautiful sour beer Flanders Red.       5.5%   Sour Red
Deschutes Fresh Squeezed IPA   This mouthwateringly delicious IPA gets its flavor from a heavy helping of citra and mosaic hops. Don’t worry, no fruit was harmed in the making of this beer.       6%   IPA
Deschutes Hop Henge   Who knows what inspired the ancients to build Stonehenge--or what inspired us to build Hop Henge in its likeness. But build it we did, out of wrapped bales of whole-flower hops out on the brewery lawn. Like the rest of the Bond Street Series, Hop Henge highlights the creativity and curiousity of our brewers. Bolder than its English ancestors, with huge hops and a bitter finish, this IPA is no wallflower.  Brewed in Bend, OR.       7%   IPA
Exile Bad Bishop   Heavy aromas of juicy fruit and a sweet fruity malt character dominate in our Belgian-style Tripel. Tripels were originally known as “Superbier” in Belgium.       8.8%   Belgian Tripel
Exile Pasteur Le Fleur
  French Saison brewed with hibiscus, dry-hopped with Mandarina Bavaria.  Collaboration with Lion Bridge Brewery.
      8.3%   Saison
Exile The Cherry Bohemian   Gather round so you can hear the tale of love between the cherry and the sour ale.       6%   Sour
Firetrucker Cat Dragon   Cat Dragon' the strongest ginger beer on the planet. Smell the ginger and alcohol then taste the sparkling sweetness. Feel the burn roll down your throat. Powerful, gluten free, and tasty as hell! Also used for a moscow mule version, the freaking 'Fire-Breathing Cat Dragon' - ask for it served over with muddled lemon and lime!       11.5%   Ginger Beer
Founders Dirty Bastard   Dark ruby in color and brewed with ten varieties of imported malts this beer continuously lives up to its reputation as a bold and powerful ale. Dirty Bastard is complex in the finish with hints of smoke and peat paired with a malty richness, finalized with a good bit of hop attitude. Brewed in Grand Rapids, Michigan.       8.5%   Scotch Ale
Founders Mosaic Promise   Showcases a single malt—Golden Promise—and a single hop—Mosaic. The traditional barley’s depth of flavor and the versatility of the hops’ bittering, flavor and aroma characteristics are the strong pillars that comprise the structure of this clean, rich, golden beer.       5.5%   IPA
Founders Red Rye   Brewed with four varieties of Belgian caramel malts imparting a sweet richness balanced with its hop bitterness and floral bouquet. Brewed in Grand Rapids, Michigan.       6.6%   Specialty Grain
Funkwerks Apricot Provincial   Belgian-Style Sour Fruit Ale. We took a test batch of our sessionable sour summer ale, Provincial, and added a heavy dose of apricots. Notes of lemon zest and tart apricots.       4.2%   Belgian Ale
Funkwerks Raspberry  Provincial   This delicious creation was truly a product of creativity, ingenuity, and luck. Last summer we took a test batch of our Berliner Weisse style summer ale, Provincial, that didn’t quite hit gravity, and decided to have some fun with it! We added a heavy dose of raspberries to this sessionable, refreshingly tart beer. The end result was so delicious, we decided to recreate it! This delightfully tart fruit beer is stimulating and refreshing, with a citrusy raspberry aroma which transitions to a subtlety sweet and tart finish.       5.6%   Belgian Ale
Great Divide Yeti Oatmeal   Much like its legendary predecessors, this Yeti is big, bold and dark.  The addition of rolled oats softens Yeti’s notoriously roasty backbone and the small amount of raisins added in the brew kettle create a unique dark fruit character.  Just as admired as those that came before it, Oatmeal Yeti Imperial Stout is a softer beast.       9.5%   Imperial Stout
Lagunitas  Equinox   A creamy, pale oat ale hopped up with a huge charge of Equinox and Simcoe hops for a piney, eucalyptusy, cedary, sprucey, foresty blast.
      8%   American Strong Ale
Lagunitas Waldo   In 1971, the Waldos met one afteroon at 4:20 in the front courtyard of their school near the statue of Louis Pasteur. They set out in a '66 Impala armed with a "treasure map" on a journey to find a secret garden near Point Reyes. They met there at the same time every day and continued their quest. They never found the secret garden....But they keep lookin'. The dankest and hoppiest beer ever brewed at Lagunitas was made with help of the Waldos for all treasure hunters.       11.5%   Imperial IPA
Left Hand Milk Stout Nitro   The aroma is of brown sugar and vanilla cream, with hints of roasted coffee. The pillowy head coats your upper lip and its creaminess entices your palate. Initial roasty, mocha flavors rise up, with slight hop & roast bitterness in the finish. The rest is pure bliss of milk chocolate fullness.       6%   Sweet Stout
Lost Coast Tangerine Wheat   A refreshing citrus ale, Tangerine Wheat combines our Lost Coast Harvest Wheat with natural tangerine flavors.  Brewed in Eureka, CA.       5.5%   Fruit Beer
Lion Bridge Kundera Kölsch   Slight hop bitterness, pleasing European malt character, and pleasant earthy German hop flavor and aroma. This beer is light, clean, low abv and highly drinkable. Enjoy morning or night.       4.6%   Kölsch
New Belgium Citradelic   Set adrift on a kaleidoscopic wave of hoppiness brought to you by a mystical marriage of Citra hops and tangerine peel, which elevates each sip onto a plane of pure tropical, fruity pleasure. Citradelic’s namesake hop and fruit combine to jam with visions of additional hops like citrusy Mandarina Bavaria, tropical Azzaca, and fruity Galaxy for a colorful explosion that’s grounded by just a touch of malty sweetness.       6%   IPA
New Belgium Juicy Mandarina   Take a trip to the tropics with this smooth wheat IPA, brewed with a blend of exotic Mandarina Bavaria, Calypso and Galaxy hops.       6.5%   IPA
North Coast Old Rasputin   A rich, intense brew with a robust palate, a fruity nose and a warming finish. Very complex.  Brewed in Fort Bragg, California.       9%   Imperial Stout
ODELL 90 Shilling   We introduced 90 Shilling, our flagship beer, at our opening party in 1989. For a while, we'd been wondering - what would happen if we lightened up the traditional Scottish ale? The result is an irresistibly smooth and delicious medium-bodied amber ale. The name 90 Shilling comes from the Scottish method of taxing beer. Only the highest quality beers were taxed 90 Shillings. A shilling was a British coin used from 1549 to 1982. We think you'll find this original ale brilliantly refreshing, and worth every shilling.       5.3%   Scotch Ale
ODELL Friek   Friek is an evolution, an imaginative amalgamation invented by our brewers. Multiple kriek Lambic style ales are fermented with wild yeast and tart cherries and then moved into oak barrels to age and sour taking on the cherry flavors. As the beer matures, framboises (raspberries) from Schroyer Family Farms in Fort Collins are handpicked and readied for the beer. The fresh raspberries are added immediately prior to the final blending. The sweet and tart flavors mingle on the tongue with a sparkling dry finish.       6.5%   American Wild Ale
ODELL IPA   We took the traditional IPA, originally shipped from England to India in the 1700's, and made it bolder and more flavorful - American Style. We've added new varieties of highly aromatic American hops to create a distinctive bitterness profile and an incredible hop character.       7%   IPA
ODELL Meddler   A resurrected style from the Flemish region of Belgium, The Meddler oud bruin is a crafty concoction, comprised of several generations of brown ales, barrel aged and blended. Wild yeasts and Lactobacillusmeddle with the brew for over 18 months creating complexity and depth of flavor. Hints of malty sweet chocolate and vanilla toy with a hauntingly sour finish. Intricate  yet balanced, The Meddler will leave you craving more of the mysterious brew.       8.6%   Flanders Oud Bruin
Ommegang Rosetta   This elegant fruit beer, matured on cherries, is brewed exclusively for Brewery Ommegang by Liefmans, a sister brewery, in Belgium.       5.6%   Fruit Beer
Rogue Anniversary   Anniversary Ale was designed by Rogue Creamery owner Dave Gremmels and Rogue Ales Brewmaster John Maier to pair perfectly with the unique terroir of the Rogue-grown hops used to make the Rogue Farms Cheddar & TouVelle cheeses.
      7.6%   American Strong Ale
Schlafly Hefeweizen   This unfiltered American Wheat Ale is light in color, body and bitterness, with the delicious finish of wheat malt. Brewed in Maplewood, MI.       4.1%   Wheat Ale
Shmaltz Circum Session   Barrel Aged Tart Pomegranate Wit  “Just ‘cause it’s in bad taste doesn’t mean it won’t taste great!” On Friday, April 1 strap on your helmet and get a Circum Session! A cut above the rest. #circumsession       5.5%   BA Wit
Shmaltz Bittersweet Lenny's RIPA
  Brewed with an obscene amount of malts and hops. This rye-based double IPA comes across earthy and spicy with a wonderful, rich malt/hop balance. Very full-bodied and beautifully constructed.
      10%   Imperial IPA
Sierra Nevada Otra Vez   In California, where temperatures often top triple digits, perfecting the warm weather beer is a priority. We happened upon a sweet-tangy blend of native-grown prickly pear cactus and grapefruit combined with the zing of a traditional gose for a vicious but delicious twist on the stodgy summer sippers.       4.5%   Gose
St. Louis Framboise   St. Louis Premium Framboise is a slightly sweet beer, perfectly balanced with the sourness of the mother beer, Lambic. 25% Willamette raspberries with seeds and natural sugars. A delicious thirst-quencher with low alcohol content, pleasing to young and old.       2.8%   Lambic
St. Bernardus Abt 12   A dark ivory coloured beer with a high fermentation. The show piece of the brewery. Thanks to its soft and unconditionally genuine aroma, the beer can be smoothly tasted.  Brewed in Watou, Belgium.       10.5%   Quad
Summit 30th Anniversary Double IPA   Our Double IPA anniversary brew uses a highly aromatic experimental Orbit hop blend from New Zealand and the new U.S. variety Equinox. For a bold citrus and tropical fruit hop character worth toasting. Cheers to 30 years of independent thinkers and drinkers!       8.5%   Imperial IPA
3 Floyds / Surly / Real Ale Blakkr   This double black as night IPA is too massive for just one brewery’s efforts. BLAKKR took the trinity of Real Ale Brewing Co., Surly Brewing Co. & Three Floyds Brewing Co. to actualize this crushing ale. Cheers.
      9.9%   American Black Ale
Surly Todd   Our version of the West Coast Style IPA first brewed in collaboration with Amager Brewery in Denmark. Brewed with one malt, Golden Promise from the UK, with Citra and Mosaic hops.
      7.2%   IPA
Surly Xtra Citra   You'd think hops in the bright sunshine would make us happy, but you'd be wrong. This bright colored session ale Xplodes with Citra hop flavor and aroma, in a deliciously drinkable brew.       4.5%   American Pale Ale
Toppling Goliath Dorothy's   Our flagship beer was named after our founder’s grandmother, Dorothy. Easy drinking light, in color and in body, this steam lager is meant to be enjoyed any time of day. Brewed in Decorah, IA.       5.5%   California Common
Toppling Goliath Driftless Stout   Surprise stout made in Decorah, IA.          ?   Stout
West O CocO Stout   Real cocoa nibs, bourbon vanilla beans, imported sugar and caramel malt all combine for a complex, yet balanced stout. Alongside the mild chocolate you’ll find hints of vanilla, oats, and subtle coffee. Stout jokes aside, this one can stand on its own- but also plays well with others, so mix things up.       6%   Sweet Stout
Wilson’s Orchard Goldmine    To make Goldmine we started with Goldrush, a stupendous apple which combines tannins and tartness in a tasty yellow package.  To that we added several sweeter apples to produce a full bodied cider with enough tang to keep it interestind and a hint of sweet to keep it going down smooth. Brewed in Iowa City, IA.       6%   Cider
Woodchuck Cherry   This cider features a bright pop of crisp apple and sour tart cherry notes that are sure to have your face in prime selfie shape.       5.5%   Cider

Bottled Beers

American Pale Ale
Toppling Goliath Light Speed Pale Ale $14

American Strong Ale

CIB DethHanger Quadruple Brown Ale $9
Stone Crime $15

Bell's Third Coast Old Ale  $9
Sierra Nevada Bigfoot 2012 or 2013  $5 or $6
Stone Oak-Smoked Old Guardian  $9
Stone Old Guardian  $9

Belgian Strong Ale
Deschutes Class of 88 Belgian Style Ale  $14
Ommegang XV Anniversary Ale   $18
Stone Verticle Epic Ale 12.12.12  $10

Black IPA
Zipline Barrel Aged Black IPA  $18

Brown Ale
Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nector $11
Toppling Goliath Smoove Opferator $14

English Strong Ale
Samuel Smiths Winter Welcome Ale  $9

Fruit Beer
Ommegang Rosetta $7
Rogue VooDoo Doughnut  $12
Samuel Smiths Organic Raspberry $10

Gluten Free Beer
Green's Quest Abbey Triple $9
New Belgium Glutiny Pale Ale $4
Two Brothers Prairie Path Ale  $5
Widmer Omission Lager $4
Widmer Omission Pale Ale $4

Ballast Point Habanero Sculpin $5
Toppling Goliath 1492 $5
Toppling Goliath Golden Nugget $5
Toppling Goliath XHops Gamma $14
Toppling Goliath XHops Gold $14
Toppling Goliath Zeelander $14

Imperial IPA
Moylan's Hopsickle  $12

Imperial Stout
Central Waters Space Ghost w/ Chili Peppers  $13
Great Divide Yeti Imperial Stout - Chocolate Oak Aged $20
Great Divide Yeti Imperial Stout - Oatmeal $18
Rogue XS Imperial Stout $20
Samuel Smiths Imperial Stout $6
Schlafly Reserve Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout $14

KCCO / Redhook Gold Lager $4
Toppling Goliath Dorothy's $4

New Belgium Portage Porter $4
Rogue Mocha Porter $6

La Trappe Quadrupel Oak Aged Batch #14  $14

Scotch Ale
Central Waters BBA Scotch Ale $8
Central Waters Sláinte  $7

Fort Collins Out of the Ashes #5: Smoked IPA  $16
Surly Smoke Lager $16

Sierra Nevada / Boulevard Terra Incognita (Batch 3)  $24
Surly Pentagram $32

Bent River Jalapeno Pepper Ale $5
Central Waters Headless Heron Barrel Aged Pumpkin Spice  $12
Crabbie's Ginger Beer  $8
Crabbie’s Raspberry Ginger Beer $8
Twisted Pine Billy's Chilies $5
Twisted Pine Ghost Face Killer $6

Bell's Double Cream  $7
Bell's Java Stout  $9
Samuel Smiths Chocolate Stout $7
Samuel Smiths Oatmeal Stout  $7
Toppling Goliath Rover Truck $5


  • Hidden Crush Chardonnay
  • Ruffino Lumina Pinot Grigio
  • Sycamore Lane White Zinfandel
  • Covey Run Riesling
  • Primo Amore Moscato
  • 10 Span Pinot Noir
  • Charles Smith Velvet Devil Merlot
  • Hogue Red Blend
  • Dona Paula Los Cardos Malbec
  • Hidden Crush Cabernet Sauvignon


Caramel Apple Apple Pucker, Butterscotch and Caramel Sauce, Served with a Sucker
Cherry Cheesecake Dr Vanilla, Cherry, Cream and Splash of Grenadine with a graham crust
Cosmopolitan Absolute Citron, Triple Sec, Cranberry Juice, Served with a Twist of Lemon
Creamsicle Pinnacle Whipped Vodka, OJ, Splash of Cream, Served with a slice of Orange
Death by Chocolate Godiva, Dr Vanilla, Splash of Cream and Chocolate Sauce
Frappuccino Malibu, Frangelico, Kahlua and Baileys with a Drizzle of Chocolate
Key Lime Dr Vanilla, Lime Juice and a little Cream garnished with a graham crust and lime
Lemondrop Tuaca, Triple Sec, Splash of Sour with sugared rim, lemon wedge and Lemondrop
Mint Chocolate Chip Baileys, Frangelico and Crème de Menthe with a drizzle of Chocolate
Pineapple Cosmo Malibu, Bacardi Limon, with splashes of Pineapple and Cranberry juice
Pomegranate Three Olives Pomegranate Vodka, Pomegranate Schnapps and Lemonade
Raspberry Ice Tini Sweet Tea Vodka, Raspberry Puree and Splash of Water
Root Beer FloatRoot Beer Schnapps, Dr Vanilla and Splash of Cream
Snickertini Butterscotch, Frangelico, Crème de Cocoa and Kahlua with Caramel and Chocolate
Sour Apple Apple Vodka, Sour Apple Pucker and Sprite
Strawberry Bacardi Dragonberry, OJ and Strawberry Puree
Tropitini Hypnotiq, Malibu and a splash of Pineapple juice
Watermelon Jolly Rancher Watermelon Pucker, Strawberry Schnapps, Lemonade and Candy
Wedding Cake Cake Vodka, Vanilla Vodka, Malibu Rum and a Splash of Cream
Gimlet Ketel One Vodka, Dry Vermouth and Lime Juice, Served with a lemon twist
Manhattan Whiskey, Sweet Vermouth, Bitters and sunken cherries

Drink Specials

Daily Drink Specials

Happy Hour Until 10:00pm

$3.00 Bombs: 7pm - 11pm
$4 Select pints

2 for 1 drinks (priced $4.00 or less)
7pm - 11pm

Stein Night:
$5 Select steins
$1.00 Off Flights

Saturday & Sunday
Bloody Mary Bar: 8am - 3pm

5 domestic bottles in a bucket - $12.00

Happy Hour

Monday* - Friday
3pm - 6pm

Domestics: $2.50
Wine & Martinis: $1.00 off